Thursday, January 2, 2014

My Journey till 2K14...

The previous year saw upheavals, failures, pains, turmoil’s and these, I accepted as challenges; Challenges, which strengthened me from within. It increased my belief in my goal and fortified my commitment towards them.  2013 was an amazing year where I learnt, observed, started and finished lots of things.

Last year, I went for the hopefully-not-the-last Indian Grand Prix, attended amazing Music shows and Plays, and saw loads of amazing  movies and made some awesome friends. Along with this I learnt some amazing new songs on my Piano and had a great time creating and becoming the Founder/CEO of Photoshop Tutor (An instructional Video Channel on YouTube). I had great fun studying too.

2013 also saw some great tech products and car launches. Apple launched it's most awaited iPhone 5S. (Catch my YouTube review here.) 

2013 was also my gap year. It saw some deep introspection and caused stir in my grey cells; they were forced to move and finally got into action after a long hibernation. I reflected on my actions, corrected my wrongs and changed my course of action to do the right thing. And finally ended the year on a positive note with a good SAT II score.

 I wish all my readers a Happy New Year and hope that you have a great 2K14.

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